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Window Replacement




Window Replacement

Window Replacement

At Window Replacement Pros Denver we’re sold out to making beautiful windows for your home and commercial building while minding your budget and quality. It’s a thin line to balance quality with affordability, but years of experience and extensive research have made this successful.

We offer products and services that are within reach for all our clients without relaxing the quality from our end. Window replacement is a delicate way of improving your home’s looks without going into the in-depth of reconstructing or expanding the walls. You can choose to replace the existing windows with a different kind of style or material. Many reasons can make you go for a window replacement.
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Other than improving the home decor, a window replacement can happen if your current windows are not serving their purpose. If they’re cracked or broken, they're most likely allowing draft inside the house which can make the energy bills to skyrocket. When getting a company to do the window replacement for you, choose one that offers a variety of materials that can work well for your environment and one that does not limit you with just one style. Window replacement Pros Denver is all about variety. We make your custom-windows using different materials and styles of your choice as you shall find out below.
Types of Windows:
Awning windows pivot from the window sash outwards to allow for ventilation.

Bay and Bow
Bay and Bow windows are an architecture's favorite playtime allowing for curves and accents on the building. They come with large sills too where you can place indoor plants or flower vases.

Picture window does not open, but they give a good view and lighting in the room.

These windows open outwards by use of side hinges. They do not have a grill on them to obstruct both light and air.

Gliding windows open by moving to and fro and only have a simple lock. They’re characteristically huge and offer ample lighting.

Single and Double Hung
Double hung or single hung windows are the best for airflow as they open halfway. They're also the most common windows, and they give the house a classic look.

Specialty Shapes
They are glass windows in different shapes, cuts and sizes to offer variety and design creativity.
Window replacement materials
Wood is the best material when you're going for that stylish ultra-modern look type of a window. It's high maintenance and prone to the environment changes, so it's combined with less maintenance material such as fiberglass, vinyl or aluminum depending on the climatic conditions in the area. The advantage of wood windows are immediate eye-catching quality, increased home value and excellent insulation properties.
Composite (Fibrex®)
Vinyl, when combined with wood fiber, makes composite which is a more durable material than wood or vinyl on their own. Fibrex, in particular, has a matte finish and although expensive, we recommend it for anyone looking for a long lasting solution.
When looking for a window with low maintenance costs from your end, choose our top of the line vinyl windows to last you decades. It comes in a limited number of colors as it doesn't require painting.  You can request for a combination of vinyl with high-quality glass and wood.
Aluminum windows are becoming a common sight in big homes that need a thin frame and more window space. Aluminum is stronger than vinyl and can take up a more substantial amount of glass than vinyl would. Before installing we have to take into consideration the weather conditions and the previously installed frame and recommend any changes if need be.
Fiberglass has consistent color and takes well in all climates. This fact makes the material the most popular after composite. Window replacement Denver is all about variety. We make your custom-windows using different materials and styles of your choice as you shall find out below.


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