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Financing and Credit Options




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Financing and Credit Options
Do you want to buy new windows and doors for your home and do not know where you’re going to get money? You don’t have to worry. Whether you’re in an emergency situation or just want to do a renovation project and are short of cash, Window Replacement Pros Denver can help.
We offer highly competitive financing options, allowing you to begin enjoying your new products as soon as possible. With Window Pros, you can get an attractive option that helps start and finish your window and patio door replacement project regardless of your budget.
Advantages of Working with Our Financing Options
You’ll get the following benefits if you choose our financing options:
  • A quick and simple process of application
  • Flexible
  • No penalties or repayment fees
  • Financing contract that covers 100% of your purchasing and installation costs, including taxes. The only exception is during special promotions.
  • No upfront fees
  • Deferred payment options available
  • Low minimum monthly payments
  • Revolving lines of credit going up to $55,000. This covers even your future purchases
  • A very secure application process
  • Easy-to-use online bill payment option
  • Accrued interest waiver if you fully pay the purchase amount within 18 months
However, there are some conditions concerning our financing. Not all customers may be approved, contact for further information.
A Secure Application Process
At Window Replacement Pros Denver, we treasure your personal information. That’s why we have heavily invested in the security of our online credit application process. The site is up-to-date to protect your information. It also makes the process quick and easy. Within minutes, you’ll receive a decision concerning your application. Alternatively, you can apply for a special financing option during an in-home estimate. All you need to do is ask our sales representative during the free consultation for the necessary details. We can process your application in seconds, depending on your needs and financial status. We’re always ready to help you make the right decision.
Your Caring Financier
We listen to you right from the start. All we want is for you to get the best financing option to suit your purchasing needs. If there are any questions or concerns, our experienced sales representatives are ready to give you the most appropriate solutions. We also handle the step of getting authorization from your bank after performing a credit check.
Flexible Repayment Periods
When giving you our quote, we also agree on how you’re going to repay your loan. You can choose a period that you’re most comfortable with, starting from 18 months. You may also opt to be paying once every one or two weeks or in a lump sum. Since our loans are open, you can clear the balance at any time without attracting penalties.
Get Our Financing Option Today 
It’s time you began enjoying your new windows and doors. Window Replacement Pros Denver offers the most flexible and affordable financing options on the market. They are easy to apply and have no penalties. We help you make the right purchasing and repayment decision.
Call one of our sales representatives for more information.
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